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Bonne santé - Dialogues
Low intermediate/Intermediate (Grades 6 and up) Theme/vocabulary: Healthy living, good nutrition and exercise are treated with humour in these four dialogues. This reader contains four 300-word dialogues, 40 activities and an exhaustive French-English lexicon. 1. Chef santé The school cafeteria cook surprises everyone with a new, healthy lunch - that actually tastes good! 2. Gravité Steve joins a gym. 3. Sans sucre Harel helps his friend choose a healthy lunch. 4. Tutti Frutti Health freak Serge annoys his friends by preaching about good nutrition and exercise. 56 pages. Colour. ISBN 0-88510-525-7. $7.95 each. End-of-book activities also sold as separate, reproducible worksheets.
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