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L'Énergie propre!
Beginner/ Low Intermediate (Grades 4 and up) Renewable and non renewable energy. Solar, wind, hydro, coal, oil & natural gas. Short, easy texts written in simple French for grades 5 and up. Includes end-of-book activities. Great photos and diagrams. Price for 5 or more print books: $9.95 each Price for 30 same-title print books including online edition and worksheets: $249 per set of 30. Price for the entire Lectures Junior set (one of each print book) $269 per set. Price for one print book: $19.95 ea. (5 or more, $9.95 each) ISBN: 978-0-88510-663-9 Follett Print ISBN: N/A Follett Digital edition ISBN: 9780885107117 Follett Booklist: Go to
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