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Online Books

Our 50 new digital, online, leveled audio-visual books are especially written - and carefully narrated - in easy, simple, authentic conversational French for young foreign language students.

Schoolwide licensing makes these online resources easy to manage and secure. One same, simple login for all your students. Teachers and students can access their books at school and at home anytime with the school's login and do not have to provide ANY personal information.

These new online audiovisual readers improve both listening and reading comprehension. Students can see the words highlighted on the screen while hearing them, making it easier to follow along and understand the story.

Grades 4 through 10. Go to ONLINE AUDIOVISUAL BOOKS in the main menu to see all our online books.
• One price for the whole school;
• At-school and at-home access for all students in that school;
• Online comprehension and vocabulary activity worksheets are included;
• One same password for everyone in that school. Easy to use, easy to manage!
• Every online book features audio and highlighted text for increased reading and listening comprehension;
• Watch and listen to samples at